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A little Music WebLog and online Magazine

Our Blog`s & Magazine continuously devellop.
It contains (or will contain) Thoughts, Tipps, Tutorials, Reports, Rewies, …and much more.
Its seperated in Musician Blogs and a Music Magazine.
Members of Our Music Community can have their own free Blogs.

On the Sidebar at the right hand side –>
you can find several navigation menue`s of the BLog & Magazine part of this website.

you will find, Categories, Articles, Comments, Tags, Archives, RSS Feeds,
you can Subscribe to Blog & Magazine via Email and more

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2 thoughts on “Blog & Magazine

    • I dont understand what you mean?
      Do you want two accounts? One for the forum and one for the blog? Why?
      Or you just want to be able to write Artikels in the Blog? That would be possible. I could change your account (which is a regular wordpress account even if you registered over the Mingle part) from subscriver to Contributor, Author, Editor,…. usual WordPress accounts (you know them) then you could write in the Blog and if you would do it for example under an own category it would be like “your” blog”.
      A seperate Blog just for you, well i dont know if it works with WordPress. VBulletin would have had that feature but if its possible with WordPress i have to find out. Or do you know a way?
      Just drop me a Pm and we discuss it in Private messages. But it IS possible to Blog here if someone want.

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