About us

Who are we?
We are People from all over the world. We share the love to music and the wish to make music.
You are playing an Instrument, or want to learn it? Here we (you) can find other people like you, from your, or other, countries, to share experiances, get feedback for your music, or find someone to coloborate.

The “Founders” were 5 Beginner Penny Whistle players wishing to have a monthly “Compare and Learn Challenge” just to learn new Tunes and learn even more by comparing our recordings and learning methods and Sources.
We met on another Forum, where we were not welcome to post this kind of recordings and were told, to built our own place if we want to “compare and learn”.
Noticing that there was no international Musician Community liked this online, I, Andreas Fischer just did built this place for our little online-musician-group.

This is a Community, where people, who like to make music, can meet and share their toughts, knowledge, fun, whatever. We can learn together online and advanced musicians can find others for collaboration. Become a Part of this Community, be active, learn, develop further and have a good time with some new Freinds.

Everybody who likes to make music is welcome.
Beginners, advanced musicians and even professionals. Here you can learn and also teach. You can work together and share the joy of music. All for free of course.  But you have to like a Community and being part of it.
If you want to know more about us, just have a look into the Forum, there we are, you will find us there.
And dont forget: Come on in and join us if you want.
You dont play an instrument yet? We show you how and where to learn. There are enough Tutorials aorund. We know Books, Teachers, … just ask.

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