Learn to play Penny Whistle

You want to learn to play Penny Whistle (also called Tin Whistle, Irish Whistle, Feadog Stain, Flageolett, High Whistle, Soprano Whistle,)?

Thats a good Idea!
The Penny Whistle is a lovely Instrument, “easy to learn” and verry affordable.
In a short time of practise you will be able to play some nice little tunes.
But if you realy get into it, there is much more possible with Penny Whistles, they are serious Instruments.

Soon you will find a List of Penny Whistle Tutorials, Sources, Recomendations and more here.
Check out the Forum untill they are listet.
Check out the Forum anyway, its a nice community. Its free to join and ask 😉





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3 thoughts on “Learn to play Penny Whistle

  1. Recently got a D penny whistle from Erik the flute maker, just learning. Have been playing native style flute, but this is differ t and taking some adjustment. Thinking of joining your sight for tips and help, thanks, Ivan Ball

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