Whistles – Penny- Tin- or what do you call them?

penny-whistle-my-music-community-net Whistles how should we call them?

I need some input. How do you call your Whistles?
I call mine Peter, Herbert, Mary…. no just kidding.
But you know, there are several names like: Whistle, Penny Whistle, Tin Whistle, Irish Whistle, Feadog Stain, Flageolet , Pocket Whistle, Blechfloete (german for tin whistle), High Whistle, Soprano Whistle, Low Whistle, … (if you  know other Words for this Instruments,  please let me know).

So what word do you use? or better what word should we use here in our Community?
According to Google most People use for “Penny Whistle” and “Tin Whistle”, both same much. Wikipedia uses “Tin Whistle” even if i search for “Penny Whistle

What about me?
In English i like to say Whistle, but doesn’t that normally mean that kind of whistles which aren’t instruments and just for to make one tone? See Wikipedia about Whistles

Because I saw Whistles like ours the first time in Ireland and was told there that they are Irish Instruments (which was hard to believe because most looked like toys with those colourful heads and being sold for little money), I did liked to call them Irish Whistles.
But i do know now that even if they are very common in Ireland and Irish Music, they are not (only) Irish Whistles.
One maybe could call a Waltons an irish Whistle because it’s made in Ireland maybe but all Whistles? ... continue reading