The Boys From County Clare – Great Movie about ITM Ceili Bands

the-boys-of-county-clare-movie-poster-150 Hey Music Friends, specialy the Irish Whistle players out of the Forum

Looking for something to do on this Weekend? No good TV Programm?
I have a Tip for you. Lets watch a great Music Movie together, on Youtube.

Some weeks ago i found on Youtube the whole Music MovieThe Boys from County Clare“.
If one of you dont know this Movie yet, its about Irish Ceili Bands, its played by well known Actors and its fun to watch. Even young Andrea Corr is seen in this Movie but not playing an Irish Whistle as one may expect but faking to play the Fiddle.
I was wondering about the possibility to see such a movie for free on youtube because of copyrights and specialy that i was possible to watch it on youtube gemany (many things we cannot see because of copyrights) And i am not sure if its legal to post a Movie on Youtube, but i didnt post it and it is online so its ok to watch so long as Youtube let us, isnt it?

So, my recomendation for every Whistle Player, ITM Liker and MMCN Musician for this weekend is:
Watch “The Boys from County Clare” online on Youtube, or right here. ... continue reading